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Ah, February. It's one of my favorite months. Spring is around the corner, the Wolfman is coming out soon, and my birthday is next week (whee! An excuse to eat chocolate :).

Other cool things:

Anne is doing a workshop this weekend (technically it's Anne, April Martinez, Chris Griffin and Croco Designs; but seriously, Anne! Who doesn't love her?). It looks really cool.

Rita's anthology, Time Well Bent, got an awesome review from Rainbow Romance. They even mentioned her story :)

"A Wind Sharp as Obsidian" by Rita Oakes is a strong, vivid start to the collection. Malianalli's relationship with the goddess Xochi is the twist here, but the story focuses on the critical moment in that relationship, leaving the consequences to take their shape in the reader's imagination. This allows the author to focus on the political, physical, and spiritual world of the Mayan peoples at the cusp of the conquistadors' invasion, and on these two powerful women. The result is both lush and uncomfortable, loving and filled with awe and majesty.

libras_art sent me a link to a really hilarious zombie comic. Here are a few panels:


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